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Professor Holzner has been teaching full time at Los Angeles City College since 1996.

Within the last twenty years she has taught at about a dozen community colleges and in the CSU system. She enjoys working with students with different backgrounds. Her research focus is on interactive learning strategies to improve undergraduate education in economics.

TIP Program

Professor Holzner is participating in the Teaching Innovations Program for college and university economics instructors. The project is co-sponsored by the Committee on Economic Education (CEE) of the American Economic Association (AEA).

Personalized Deskcopy of Krugman/Wells Textbook Lectures by Prominent Economists

Professor Holzner has made contributions to the second edition of the Krugman/Wells Microeconomics textbook.

In 2006 professor Holzner attended the Worth Economics Education Symposium in Chicago. Austan Goolsby and Steven Levitt presented " Freakonomics: Applying Economics to Everyday Life", Greg Mankiw presented "My Two Years at the CEA." Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman presented "CSI: Budget Deficit".

NYSE Boardroom

In August of 2007 professor Holzner spent a week on the New York Stock Exchange. She participated in workshops and lecture-discussion sessions about the NYSE and visited the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on two occasions. The photograph has been taken in the NYSE's boardroom.

Appreciation Award

In 1992 students in the Pace Program presented her the "Excellence in Teaching Award".

Excellence in Teaching Award

Professor Holzner's students have expressed their grattitude by nominating her for the Associated Student Organization's "In Appreciation" award.

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